Windows XP Ati2dvag blue Screen Fix

Published: 23rd March 2010
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Many of the PC errors that people encounter are avoidable with a little more care and attention. This means running the latest updates, using security applications and regularly maintaining your computer and a lot more. Your computer can communicate with thousands of different devices but it can only do so using device drivers.

Hardware problems that are related to device drivers are quite common. Without the right driver, for say an ATI graphics card, could cause display issues an even an ati2dvag blue screen of death. Usually it's best to leave a driver if it has caused no issues. If you do experience problems with newly installed hardware, you may want to visit the manufacturers site for an updated driver.

In this day and age you need to make sure that you've got antivirus software installed onto your computer especially if you're running a Windows OS. This goes for all computer users, even though Macintosh and Linux users may not feel the need for antivirus software. If you're computer is part of a network or you use it to access email or the Internet, it's a must to have virus protection installed.

The amount of different threats online is mind-boggling and they each pose a different kind of threat. Every weakness on your PC poses a threat, whether it's through your email client, browser or any other vulnerability. Just as antivirus programs are adapting to find new viruses, new viruses are being developed to evade detection. Viruses are no longer just disrupting use of computers for the sake of it, many are created to steal information.

Worms and Trojans can infect and case considerable damage to the computer's system. People experiencing mup.sys errors where your computer just hangs on boot-up or the mup sys blue screen may have an infected PC. Think before you download anything online or from emails. Peer to peer sharing sites are one of the biggest sources of viruses on the Net.

Email is one of the biggest platforms for hackers to attack. A rule of thumb; if you don't recognize the sender and the message looks fishy, don't bother opening it. Get an email asking you to verify your bank details? Send it to the junk mail or better still, report it. Although most good antivirus programs like AVG antivirus have built in email checkers, it's better to stay alert. Keep you antivirus software updated and scan your computer daily to catch any threats.

In addition, to help your computer run more smoothly, free up memory space. Removing games and programs that you don't use can free up tons of memory as well as deleting unused files. The other option is to simply install more memory. This should be done by someone who knows how to install memory. Installing RAM isn't difficult but doing it wrong may cause NTFS Sys blue screen crashes.

The last suggestion to keep your computer in tiptop shape is a good clean on the inside. Getting rid of dust from the fans can stop your computer from overheating and keep it running more smoothly. Make sure to turn your PC off and unplug it from the mains before cleaning it. Your computer components should not be cleaned with any liquids. All you need is compressed air and a few cotton swabs to clean your computer.

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